Sunday, February 5, 2012

16 Miles and a Reopening!

Today, I ran the farthest I've run in 4 1/2 years, since my ill fated 50 miler back in 2007. It was a hard run, immediately up into the oakland hills (and requiring some walking breaks) and through all of Oakland, but it was a great training run (even with the uphill I didn't realized I'd planned for the last few miles). My legs felt strong, and I felt the best yet after a run after this one. Ed was awesome as usual, and a great companion during all my highs and lows. 

My pace (11:48) was awesome, considering all the hills/walking, and made me feel much better about where I am training wise. 

On the run, I started thinking about how I wanted to write about this run, go into all the details of the mile by mile play, and just write more about my running in general. I started wishing that maybe I had another blog to have for running, and then I remembered, I do! So, I think sometime this week, I'm going to "re-open" my Running Mind of a Teacher blog. I might repost some of my run reports from here, and then use that to keep track of my trainings, and save this blog for life stuff. 
I am so excited to be doing enough running that I feel like I can start to return to some of my  "old life" habits.

Next long run? 18 miles!!!

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