Saturday, February 4, 2012

Heading Down the Minimalist Road...

Ever since I bought my first pair of minimalist shoes, I've been swept away by the "movement." Not that this has translated into many "barefoot" runs - I'm still shy about trying to go on runs, lest I hurt myself, but that shyness is ready to start diminishing, thanks to winning a blog contest from excellent runner and blogger, Donald, and scoring myself a book written by the shoe company, themselves. While I still haven't had enough time to fully read through the book (and I don't want to do anything to mess up my marathon training), I am ready to start using them to their full advantage in April :). 

Until that time, I'm enjoying the minimalist syle at work, with one of my favorite christmas presents, made from the same company that made my running shoes. 

The shoes came in their own little bags, to keep them protected (and perhaps build anticipation?).

They are my favorite shoes for work and on the weekends (I'm wearing them right now, in fact), as they are incredibly lightweight, but dressy looking. 

The best part? I was able to get them (via Ed) on sale, down from $110 to $40! It couldn't have been a sweeter deal. 

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