Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Celebration

While life was a bit anxious over the weekend (while Ed still hadn't officially accepted the job), we still took the time to relax Saturday night, and celebrate Valentine's Day.

As I mentioned, Ed and I don't really go for celebrating this holiday on the actual day, but are happy to use it as an excuse to have a nice evening together. I was feeling very lazy that day, meaning that my 12 miler didn't happen until about 4pm. As I came in the door around 6, I walked in to this:

A beautifully set up home,

With appetizers and wine on the table,

The dinner table was nicely set,

and the menu was on the whiteboard. Ed  had planned a great meal planned for us.

I hurriedly got cleaned up and then we started enjoying our evening. It was very exciting...

For instance, we played rummikub on a cleverly used tray :)

My favorite part of the evening was probably having Ed making me the best (and most complex meal) he's ever attempted. 

It was such a treat to have good filet mignon (with a reduced balsalmic glaze) - I do love my red meat. 

And, Ed got to make something I'd always wanted to try - roasted garlic! He roasted a whole head of it in the toaster oven, and then added it to his mashed potatoes.

To start, we had a simple pecan and goat cheese salad. 

The dinner was restaurant quality, made so much better by being created by Ed, and enjoyed in the peaceful and lovely comfort of our home. 

His final culinary treat of the evening? Chocolate lava cake!

Topped with ice cream, pecans and strawberries it was absolutely perfect.

As was the entire evening.

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