Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Valentine's Hike in Los Gatos

After our decadent brunch, Ed and I headed up into the Los Gatos hills for a lovely hike.

It had been years since we'd done this almost 6 mile out and back, and the warm weather and good company made it a lovely way to prolong our celebration. 

The hike takes you up (and up) to a lookout point where, from one side, you can see the reservoir (a little low on water these days).

Looking north (ish) you can see another trail heading down the mountain. 

And, straight ahead, the bay area. You can see the water (if you squint a bit), all the buildings. We always make a game of trying to find our home, but we're not very good at it.

And of course, we take some time to just sit. Because that's what hiking is all about right? Stopping at pretty places to enjoy the view. 

My shoes were my excuse on this hike. I'm not too competent at running minimalist style (as I've mentioned before), so they kept us at a lovely walking pace for almost the whole trail. 

We headed back down, and in the back of my mind, I wondered how many more times we'll make this hike. Knowing you're going to be leaving a place really makes you appreciate all the little things you sometimes take for granted (like having this trail 15 minutes from our home), and helps you feel very lucky for what you have right now. 

Our last beautiful nature scene was this tree, alight with pink blossoms, making our winter feel very much like spring. 

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