Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Week in Pictures

Right now, I have a snuggly sleeping baby in my arms. Life couldn't be more wonderful. Here's a look into our first week! There are lots more pictures, but since certain people have been eager to see pictures of our little man, I thought I'd start with these :)

In the recovery room, right after Evan was born.

Very happy grandparents

Evan's first bath. He was not amused.

Dressing Evan in his first outfit. Looking just a little tired 

Evan and Ed in accidental matching outfits

Cuddling. My favorite activity ever.

More cuddling.

Evan's hearing test - he passed with flying colors!

Heading home, on day number 8 of my hospital stay. So, so happy to be leaving!

His first car ride!

Beautiful home decorations

Flowers from wonderful family. 

Enjoying his cousin Amelia's swing. So far, this is the winning place for sleeping. 

Going on a date! We took advantage of babysitters and decided to go out for a much looked forward to beer :). Evan did just fine without us, and us without him, but we certainly missed him!

Having our little one here with us is more wonderful than we could have imagined. He is by far the cutest baby in the world and it's hard to believe he's really ours. 

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