Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Well, this was unexpected...

Guess where I am? Does this give you a hint?

No, I'm not having the baby (at least I hope not). However, at my routine appointment this morning, my body decided to suck and give a couple crazy high blood pressure readings (plus a couple other problematic symptoms), so off to labor and delivery I was sent. Things remained high and that, plus some slightly elevated other numbers, won me a 24 hour(ish) stay here at the hospital.

This was definitely not how I was expecting my first overnight hospital stay to go. Since there's nothing really happening right now, besides hourly blood pressure checks and baby checks every 4 hours, we decided that it wasn't necessary for Ed to stay with me. He came to visit after work (and bring me my PJs, some snacks, and some other goodies) which was really nice. I was given permission to be wheeled down to the healing garden, which was really lovely.

It was a perfect temperature outside, since the sun had just ducked behind the building. We parked in front of the fountain for a while and just sat and talked, in part about how we would feel to become parents sooner rather than later.

After sitting for a while, we discovered that the pathway kept going and went all the way to the end where we found this very cool tree sculpture. 

Eventually, it was time to head back upstairs so that I could have dinner and get tested, and Ed could head off. I'll admit, it's a little lonely here, but I have a tv with plenty of shows (I'm watching "Singing in the Rain" right now), my laptop, and my kindle, so I'll be fine. My nurse all day was just wonderful. Her name was Pam, and she got my everything I could possibly need. She even made me a "mocktail" of orange juice, cranberry juice, and a bit of ginger ale, that was just lovely. I have a new one now, Michelle, who also seems nice, but a bit more business-y.

Hopefully, my numbers will come back okay tomorrow and they'll decide I can go home and let Evan cook a while longer. There is also the chance that tomorrow may be the day things get put in motion to meet our son. I can't say that Ed or I feel totally ready for that option- it just feels like Evan needs more time to grow, and mentally, we were expecting to have a few more weeks. I did just check our "to do list" and we did get pretty much the whole thing done, so I guess we are technically ready, even if we don't feel it. I trust our medical team and know they will make the right choice for Evan and for me. Even if things are okay tomorrow, the doctor who visited earlier said that they may want me to deliver sooner rather than later (i.e. 39 to 40 weeks).

So, we may not get the labor experience we imagined. Instead of laboring at home (at 41ish weeks like we've been told to expect), we may be looking at being induced before Evan is even due. I am trusting that things will work out the way it should, and that everything will be okay. We love this little boy so much and getting him here safely is the primary concern. So, if that means we meet him tomorrow, or next week, or whenever he chooses to come, that is just fine with us.

Sunset out of my room's window

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