Tuesday, April 1, 2014

36 Weeks

("Did you know that when babies are really little, they look like little worms? And they swim and swim and when they get to the same place at the same time, it makes twins! But usually one gets there first, and that grows into a baby!" Learning about the birds and the bees from one of the 5th graders at our school who was very excited I was having a baby and hoped "he would like it on the outside")

Thankfulness: I am thankful I only have two more weeks of work! I met with my long term sub yesterday and gave her all the plans, so I feel like I basically have that taken care of. Now I just need to finish teaching these kids and get through their testing, and pack up my classroom. Hard to believe that I won't open those boxes again for a year!

How Far Along? 36 weeks. It's so hard to believe I've actually reached this point. The second half of pregnancy has really flown by. 

Size of the Baby? At this point, size isn't so much determined by gestational age as by genetics. I'm so curious about our little one's size, especially since I have been "measuring ahead" lately by a couple weeks. I'm not putting much stock into that, since it's more related to baby's positioning, but it does make me curious. He should be around 6 lbs by now and close to his birth height. 

Sleep: I'd say worse than last week. I was fantasizing a bit about not being pregnant anymore, last night, even though I know sleep will be incredibly elusive. I just can't wait to ditch this crazy heartburn and super uncomfortable heavy body. Lots of insomnia this week and lots of waking up all the time. 

Eating? Too much cake/cupcakes on account of a work and book club shower, but generally health regular meals. Still very much enjoying my morning smoothie!

Exercise: I need to do much better here, getting in my Bradley/yoga exercises. Goal is every day this week. I think it will really help with all the soreness/aches I've been feeling lately, as well as some of the swelling. 

Best Moment? Another low key week, but with some lovely highlights. Ed and I went to our breastfeeding class this past Thursday, which was really nice. We also had a lovely date on Saturday to an italian restaurant we hadn't tried yet. Book club met this weekend, too. Instead of meeting inside, we met outdoors and a park by my house and had a potluck. It also became a bit of a baby shower for me (books and babies, what could be better!), and I got some really sweet (and very needed) stuff for Evan. 

Milestones: Hitting 36 weeks is a milestone in itself I think. As of today, I can say we're due at the end of the month, or on the 29th. Either way, really soon. I also got all of Evan's diapers "prepped" (i.e. washed and dried). 

Our oh so cute diapers drying in the sun

One of our cute newborn covers

Two other fun prints - Albert (for when he's a little bigger); and the owls for when he's little

I still need to "stuff" the pocket diapers, which are currently staring at me from our coffee table, and get everything organized, but it feels great to know that we will be able to diaper our little guy when he gets home from the hospital. Almost all of our big house project stuff has either been scheduled or already done (pool fence and sunscreens will be installed next week, most likely, and we got the house sprayed for pests last week). We also wrote our birth "plan." This marks the week that I'm transitioning to weekly visits with the midwives (starting today in fact), which is exciting, not only because it shows I'm super close, but it also means I get to check in with Evan every week. 

Mommy Update: Very similar to last week. Essentially, I feel very pregnant :). The one the freaks me out the most is still my swollen feet. I had to be on them a lot yesterday, since the long term sub was shadowing me, and I wanted to model for her how I'd like things done, which means walking around to check on the students and such, so I had super scary feet by the time I got home. I know it's supposed to be normal, but I'm still going to check in with my midwife this afternoon, since it definitely seems excessive to me. Work seems close to the end but also way too long. Just taking it a week at at time. 

Baby Update: Evan is really just plumping up at this point and getting stronger as he waits for his birth day. All the major stuff is developed (though the digestive system will finish up once he gets out). Hoping he's still head down, and looking forward to getting that checked this afternoon. 

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