Tuesday, April 8, 2014

37 Weeks!

("Can't you just have the baby here at school?" Kids are starting to get sad that this is my last week. I am too! As a side note, I'm definitely looking quite tired these days...)

Thankfulness: I am thankful that this is it! 4 more days of teaching and then I get to be on leave and finally get some rest. It's definitely very bittersweet, as I love my class and am sad to leave them. I also cannot believe that this is it for me for teaching for over a year. 

How Far Along? 37 weeks. I've officially reached term! Granted, 37 weeks is considered early term, and developmentally, we definitely want to give Evan those last few weeks to fully develop, but he is a legitimately sized baby in there right now, which is amazing. 

Size of the Baby? Again, it's all a little variable now, but he should definitely be over 6 lbs (and probably closer to 6.5) and his birth length. 

Sleep: Still waking up a million times and unable to sleep in past 6am. Last night, on my 3rd wake up, I decided that I'd much rather wake up to a baby than just because my body hurts and can't hold it's water anymore. We'll see if I still agree with that in a month(ish) :)

Eating? Still super loving my smoothies, especially now that the weather is turning (ack...95 degree days this week!). Convinced myself to not buy ice cream this week (after lots of it last week), so I'm considering that a win. Still sticking with protein heavy lunches and dinners. 

Exercise: Ed and I actually went for a hike this weekend! We went to a trail we did before that is incredibly mild, just did out and back, and stopped at a couple benches along the way, doing maybe 2 miles total. It was perfect, though definitely left me a bit sore. So, so nice to be outside though!

Not many wildflowers, but this one type of cacti was sending up some gorgeous magenta blooms!

(stumbled across this picture from when I was around 13 weeks along, thinking I looked "so big and pregnant." Yeah...not so much :) )

A bit more baby going on in there now!
Best Moment? Probably Ed returning home from the east coast. He was gone for a week, which was something I was a bit worried about for quite a while leading up to this trip. While it would be early, what if I went into labor? Luckily, it was actually very smooth, and I found that I actually handled being on my own pretty darn well. Evan kept me company :). It was so nice to have him back home, though. Our hike is also up there on the list! A last one is that a friend in my yoga class/midwife group had her little boy this week. She had a good labor and was able to do things naturally, and now has a very sweet little one. It's exciting that people are actually having babies!

Milestones: Just checking more and more things off of our list. Our diaper area in our bathroom is totally prepped (with our very cool changing pad. No cover needed, and the surface is anti-microbial and easily wiped down. It's supposed to be very user friendly!):

Mommy Update: It still hasn't sunk in that we are going to have a real baby home with us in about a month. I'm definitely feeling a little less worried about being active, since we're in the safe zone, though I'm also definitely a lot more tired and worn out. My classroom is probably about halfway packed (I'm just leaving behind what I think they'll need for that last month). Feet are still scary looking, but verified normal. Good thing I can just live in flip flops! I did treat myself to a pedicure, which was the best thing ever. Can't believe I waited about 2 years to get one! I maybe be getting another one if I'm still pregnant a month from now. The foot massage alone was totally worth it. 

Baby Update: Evan's definitely head down, and unlikely to change at this point. He's practicing all the skills he'll be using on the outside, like breathing, and is doing lots of pushing and wiggling around. He should be gaining about 1/2 an ounce a day and just getting ready to come out!

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