Friday, April 18, 2014

And...We're Having a Baby!

Well, ready or not, it's baby time!

Even before I got all of my test results back on Thursday, my blood pressure numbers were scary enough that my midwife, in conjunction with my new doctor, decided that induction was the best option, regardless of whether I just had hypertension or I had pre-eclampsia.

Once my test results came back, it was incredibly clear that they had made the right call. I definitely have pre-eclampsia, and the only cure is to deliver your baby.

So, right now we're about 24 hours into the induction. Last night got very intense with my first medication, but they have switched me to a new one, which is much more mild. Ed has been with me since yesterday morning, and has been more than wonderful. He brought these beautiful decorations to made the room more special.

Evan's going home outfit, our photo book from our first year of marriage, framed pictures from our wedding, and beautiful daffodils. We got moved to a better room yesterday, and that's where we've been ever since!

I'm not going to lie, last night was much harder than I expected labor to be. The meds they gave me cause good contractions, but ones that didn't follow an actual pattern. That meant that sometimes I'd have 4 or 5 minutes or pretty intense contractions and no real breaks. Then, a minute later they would start up. Very thankfully, my blood pressure started doing much better, so by early morning, they let me disconnect from all my monitors in 40 minute chunks and shower/use a birth ball. 

They switched me to a different medication this morning, which hasn't done as much for my contractions, but did allow me to nap for almost 4 hours, which, after 2 nights of just a few hours of sleep, was heavenly. It's also why I can write a blog post - if only all of labor could be done with contractions this mild. 

I'm definitely a little nervous about hitting active labor. The contraction pain, plus the fact that I'll be given magnesium which, as put by my midwife, is a drug "that makes you feel like death so that you don't die" since pre-eclampsia can cause strokes. Plus I'll be getting my antibiotics for the group B strep. 

But, we do need to have this baby on the sooner side, since even though Evan is doing awesome and my blood pressure has been really good since I started meds, my other numbers are still climbing, which means I am getting sicker and I need to deliver. 

So, ready or now, we should be meeting our son by the end of this weekend!

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  1. Thinking about you and Ed and hoping that Evan's delivery is smooth sailing!