Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Real Saturday

Playing Football

Today wasn't a day where anything remarkable happened. We didn't take any trips or go anywhere special. Evan didn't do anything new or unusual. And, in fact, it followed a pretty tough night of sleep for us all (we are very much hoping Evan has gotten the message that 4:30am does not mean it's time to get up and play and/or scream if we don't let him).

Playing with the Mickey from his cousin Amelia

Despite the very ordinary quality of our day, it was a great one. And, since it was such an ordinary day, you may not even want to read about it, but I'd like to write it down anyways to remember what our Saturdays were like in this phase in our lives.

Mommy time

After an hour playtime in what felt like the middle of the night, Evan went back down and slept until after 7am, which is a big deal for us and was much appreciated. Ed went grocery shopping when we woke up, since we were out of all breakfast foods, and did the shopping for the whole week while he was there, which was a nice treat for me. While I put Evan down for a nap, Ed made breakfast and, after eating, I joined Evan for a rest.

Playing piano with Daddy

After he woke up and ate, I got to take a solo trip to Target to buy a new workout shirt and some socks to make leggings for Evan to wear while he's in the Ergo, to hopefully be more comfortable. I also splurged and bought Evan a new toy to hopefully make tummy time more fun (I may be trying to compensate for the guilt I'm feeling about the helmet arriving in a short bit of time). We decorated for fall, cleaned up the house, and finished a movie we started last night. I got to go to the gym and run/walk on the treadmill while watching some mindless tv, and then jumped in the pool so that Evan could practice what he's learning in swim class.

Evan modeling his new swimsuit

Then it was time for some more play and then bath and bed for Evan. After he was asleep, Ed and I had a delicious dinner of steaks, sweet potatoes, and salad. And I had a quarter glass of red wine. Now we're watching tv and drinking berry smoothies for dessert. And watching our sweet little boy happily resting, possibly dreaming of milk, if the gentle sucking of his mouth in his sleep is any indication.

Playing with his new toy

We've been working on how to make the weekends feel like the weekends for us, and me especially, since our jobs aren't the typical 9-5 Monday through Friday.

Today felt like a Real Saturday.

And it was lovely.

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  1. Evan is getting so strong! Wish we could see him and hold him. Hugs and kisses from Papa and Grandma.