Wednesday, September 3, 2014

California Adventures: Around Town

While in Santa Cruz, we did a few more low key trips, closer to home. It's lovely when you're staying in such a beautiful place!

One afternoon, we headed just a little south to the very cute town of Capitola. 

It was a beautiful day which kept switching between clouds and sun, keeping it from getting it too warm while we enjoyed a lovely lunch outside. 

It was a popular day at the beach, even with the cloud cover.

Evan enjoyed taking a nap, which was a popular pastime on this trip - thank goodness for the ring sling. 

After lunch, we walked along this beautiful waterfront. 

We enjoyed appreciating the many homes, 

and their beautiful gardens. 

Another day, we walked one of my favorite stretches of sidewalk - West Cliff! This path was where I ran my first half marathon and realized that perhaps Santa Cruz could be a lovely place to live. 

This walk gives a lovely view of the Boardwalk, and, in the distance, Nisene Marks, our favorite place to run. 

It was a cool afternoon, and we were glad to be bundled up.

We enjoyed watching some SUPers (is that what you call them?), especially when they later started catching waves. 

We were very excited to see a number of otters lounging in the kelp beds.

Evan enjoyed a good nap for part of it, which is always appreciated.

But he woke up about halfway through, and was grateful for the warmth of his blanket from Aunt Ashley.

This beach was a little quieter in the cool weather. 

But it certainly was beautiful. 

While we were in Santa Cruz, we couldn't miss heading to the Buttery for a delicious meal.

We so enjoyed getting to dress Evan in his little pajamas, and decided that since we were going out to breakfast, we didn't have to get him dressed quite yet. 

He enjoyed some quality time with Grandma and Papa - the best breakfast companions a little boy could ask for. 

Of course, our home was also a pretty nice place to relax. We worked on puzzles,

Ate my mom's delicious baby back ribs - cooked in Orange County and brought up for the occasion,

And took baths.

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