Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hiking Horton Creek

So, Arizona does have forests. In case you were wondering. While they aren't quite the redwoods, they are a lovely respite from the Sonoran Desert. 

So, over Labor Day Weekend, we took the suggestion of some friends, and headed up to Payson, a little less than 2 hours away, and more than 15 degrees cooler. 

We were excited to take Evan on his first Arizona hike. The temperature was just below 80 when we began around 9am. 

It was a beautiful trail, following the path of the creek that gave the trail its name. 

While it went gradually uphill, the trail was quite mild and a very low key hike. Perfect for someone who isn't quite back in shape, and who always sucks at elevation :). 

While the hike goes out around 4 miles, we didn't make it quite that far. 

Not long after this picture was taken, Evan decided that he was done being in the Ergo. He seems to have about a 20 minute limit where he either gets fussy or falls asleep. Unfortunately for us, it was the former. 

Ed was superdad (like always) and unclipped Evan so that he could feel nice and free. We went another quarter mile before I insisted we turn around, since holding Evan without a carrier for over a mile of hiking would be intense.

Ed was definitely feeling it by the end :). While it certainly wasn't the longer hike we'd imagined, we're still really glad that we went. 

We're looking forward to many more outdoor adventures as the weather cools!

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