Tuesday, September 2, 2014

California Adventures: Roaring Railroad

With life moving forward rapidly, I'm still don't want to slack too much on catching up on with our summer :). 

Here is one of the fun activities we did while we were in Santa Cruz - Roaring Camp railroads. 

We were a little worried about getting there early enough, as online it recommended 45 minutes early, but we ended up having plenty of time. 

I was excited to take Evan on his first train ride, especially since it'd be through beautiful redwoods. 

Ed and I did this a few years ago, before we moved, so it was fun to take my parents here. 

This trestle was the only part that makes me a little nervous :). 

This was also Evan's first snack in motion - not quite as challenging as I feared!

After he ate, Evan was content to check out his surroundings.

At the halfway mar, we all got out for a ten minute break, and took the opportunity to check out the steam engine.

Unsurprisingly, all the excitement on the way up put Evan back to sleep, and he remained in slumber the entire way back down the mountain.

This ride reaffirmed my awe for these massive trees. Few things are more amazing than time spent in a redwood forest. 

Such a fun way to spend an afternoon.

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