Sunday, March 6, 2011

Belated Valentine's Day Post

I wanted to post about this past year's valentine's day, because I was just reminiscing about it, and don't want to forget all the details.

In true us fashion, we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day the weekend before the actual day, since it would be logistically easier and more enjoyable (since we both had work that Monday, and Ed wasn't due home until after 8). We've never been big on going on for this holiday, since the food is usually more expensive and not always as good. So, instead, we dressed up and celebrated at home.

We decided on no official gifts, but Ed did give me some beautiful flowers, and cooked a lovely evening of food for me. Part of the treat was him finding the recipes, doing the shopping, and keeping part of it a surprise. I got to hang out in the bedroom with a glass of wine while he was cooking, and he called me in when food was done. To start, he made a delicious fennel, onion and tomato brushetta on baguettes. And, for our main course, definitely the best meal Ed has ever made (and quite possibly the best meal ever served in our house).

A delicious seared lamb chop with a mint mango chutney, grilled zucchini, and white rice, to soak up the chutney. It was perfect, everything you could have hoped for. 

And for dessert? Brownie's al a Mode - the first dessert I ever remember eating (on a train trip with my family with I was 5, I think), and have loved ever since. 

What a perfect first Valentine's day as a married couple. 

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