Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tu Mero Mole

Ed and I decided to try out this restaurant after the very good reviews on Yelp, and the fact that its super close to our house (just down a neighborhood steet 12 or so blocks). Ed and I have decided that we want to start going to more of these local, independent restaurants. 

When we got there, it was actually nicer than pictures online seemed to show. The person who took our order was super friendly and even gave us a basket of chips to munch on while we waited for our to go order (she told us it was to try out the salsas). There were lots of options - my favorites were the two green based ones (those always have such a fresh, slightly sour taste). I liked mixing the mild with the more spicy. The most unusual was a peanut based salsa, sort of hard to describe. It was a pureed salsa, sweet and sour. 

I ordered the Cochinita Yucateca, which was recommended, and had pictures online. I love anything with a lot of sauce, and this had it in spades. 

It was big chunks of pork stewed in a spicy red sauce with pepper and onions. I added a bunch of cilantro and green salsa to it, and ate it with pinto beans, rice, chips and homemade corn tortillas (though I mostly focused on the tortillas and chips with the dish). It was such good quality, especially for $9. 

Ed got a Chile Verde Supreme Burrito, which was tasty as well. Much better than Chipotle. 

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