Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring is (Almost) Here!

Our backyard is beginning to show signs of spring!

This is our cherry tree that Ed bought me two years ago, after I told him how much I wanted one, based on their beautiful blossoms alone. I can't wait until we move into a house and can plant this in ground (instead of making it suffer in a pot, which, apparently isn't great for it). The first year we had no cherries; last year we had two. I'm hoping for more this year! 
The rest of the area's cherry trees flowered weeks ago, so our little guy is a bit behind (likely due to the shade). Still, by sometime next week we should have gorgeous blossoms!

I always forget that this plant flowers, since most of the year it fades into the background with its broad green leaves. This time of year, though, it calls a lot of attention. 

Looking forward to when the hillsides get coated in flowers, soon!

(also, I moved around a frame with the bathroom - much better :) )

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