Sunday, March 13, 2011


For about a week, Ed and I toyed with the idea of moving. We're tired of our apartment (after all, it will be 3 years here in June). While it's a great apartment, especially for the price, it's not perfect. It's a bit dark (the tinted windows are great for privacy, but not so great for lighting) among other things. However, we could never get a place near this size for the same price in this area, so it looks like we're in for at least another year and a half of so.

To help us enjoy our place more, we decided that we need to make this place feel more homey and more "us". We're waiting on a lot of things for when we get a house, but now we're reconsidering. At this point, we're thinking about getting a new rug for the living room, a new entertainment center, and a new tv (and possibly Ed's dream wish - a leather chair).

But, our shopping trip this weekend to get some of these things ended without success, so I decided on some smaller details to brighten up our place. I love them already!

Our new artificial hydrangeas brighten up the armoire in our bedroom, and remind me of the use of these flowers at our wedding. 

These flowers were originally bought to make a wreath for our front door that didn't end up materializing. The frames were buy one get one free, so I decided to snatch them up, and I'm glad I did. Before, this space was cluttered with 6 or 7 frames, among other things. It looks so pretty now, and it's nice to have more wedding pictures on display. 

While this bathroom might not look all that special, it actually looks so much nicer than it did on Friday. We bought the artificial lilacs and a small glass jar to act as a vase,  a glass soap dispenser filled with purple soap, new brown and purple hand towels (the ones we had were very old, off white and dingy), and we used a frame we had to frame this picture that we had lying around. 

We also added this framed print (that was originally in our bedroom). It didn't really make sense in our bedroom, and looks much better than the print that was there before. Overall, its such a nicer space - we just need to have guests over!

Not huge changes, but they make the space feel nicer. And, hopefully in the next month or so, we'll be able to act on some of our other plans for our home. 

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