Sunday, March 20, 2011

Remodeling - Part Two!

This weekend, Ed and I invested in our living room. We ended up mostly reorganizing what we already had. Total, we've spent around $30 (though we'll be buying a rug and some lamps eventually). Unfortunately, we didn't think to take a "Before" picture, but here's what the "dead" corner of our living room looks like (previously, it just had a papasan chair there, shown in this picture (but the chair was living in the corner diagonally across the room).

Here's the after!

We now have a cozy reading corner with a super Mt Tam focus (if you notice, we have a Mt Tam poster, a picture from our wedding on Mt Tam, a Mt Tam print, and, on the bookcase, a ceramic piece made by my sister that looks like Mt Tam and a Mt Tam book). The only thing we bought was the ficus tree; the bookcase came from Ed's office, and everything else from around the house. 

We also completely decluttered the entertainment center, to make it seem less dark. 

On here, we bought the frames on the middle shelves to display wedding photos that finally have a home. 

We're planning to buy this rug:
It still seems like we need something over the entertainment center (more pictures? plants?), but for now, it's a lovely change. 

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