Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weekly Reading Roundup

I thought I could do these each week, since I would love to keep track of what I'm reading!
39 Clues: One False Note
The second book in the 39 clues series was equally quick and fun to read. I didn't enjoy the writing style quite as much as the first book, but it's plot was fun and well thought out. These are reminiscent of the "National Treasure" movie, but on a worldwide scope, and for kids. This one (if you can't tell from the title) had a focus on music (specifically Mozart) and went, among other places, Salzburg, which I enjoyed after my recent visit there. I already have the next one on hold!

Inner Circle (not the one by TC Boyle, though that's good as well!)
This felt like 39 clues for adults! Not usually my genre, this mystery book centers on an archievist in  Washington DC who gets unwittingly involved in a exchange of information between those close to the president. The chapters were all short, and a bit choppy compared to what I was used to, but I did find it a book where I kept wanting to find out what happened next. I wasn't necessarily surprised by any of the "twists" but they were still fun. This author, Brad Meltzer, has written other good books, so I might check those out. Reviews online of this aren't very favorable, which made me feel a bit better about not being amazed by it. Still, a nice way to spend a Sunday. 
Specials (The Uglies)
Specials: Book 3 in the "Uglies Trilogy"
This is another book that was recommended by my students, and takes place in a futuristic society where everyone is given a surgery at the age of 16 to physically alter themselves to look "pretty." This was the solution to the issue of discrimination, but some people are unhappy with being forced to change how they look, and a rebellion begins to form.
While these books are definitely written for young adults, and the writing style seems young at times, it nevertheless poses an interesting futuristic scenerio, and I've enjoyed watching the series pan out. I've just started the 4th book, Extras, which focuses on a new character at a point in time past where the 3rd book ends. I'm not sure if I'll like this book as well as the last one, but we'll see.

That's it for this week! I feel like I barely read during the week - somehow it seemed fuller than normal and I only really got to read for a little while before bed each night. Hopefully I'll get to more reading this week!

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