Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekly Reading Roundup

Little late posting this - probably because I feel like I'm reading less with each week! I only ready two books last week (though I've been reading another one off and on - I can't quite decide if I like it yet). In any event, this is what I read.
Extras: The next book in the Uglies series.

After seeing that the last book I read was the "last in the trilogy," I was curious about where this book would fit it. It ends up that this book takes place a few years after the last book ended, in Japan (rather than, I think, North America), with new characters. This book is an interesting commentary on social networking (this society is "Reputation Based," meaning the more people who talk about you, the more resources and wealth you're afforded). I enjoyed it and look forward to what I'm sure will be the next book.

Before Green Gables
Before Green Gables

I had to grab this book, since I love the Anne of Green Gables series so dearly. I kept my expectations low and had trouble with the book in the beginning, since it is clearly not as well written as the originals. However, I was interested to hear what one author imagined as the life of Anne before she moved to Avonlea, and eventually found myself taken in with the plot. It wasn't the best written book (the author did try to capture Anne's spirit, but it felt a bit forced at times), but I enjoyed the story. Of course, after I read it, I had to rewatch the movie. It was the perfect remedy for a bad headache and a tired body after my race Saturday.

I haven't even started a new book yet - it's been a hard week with Physical Therapy yesterday and (my 5th now) MRI, so I've been pretty lazy once I've gotten home. Tonight I'll try to get some reading in.

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