Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in Cambria

After 4 lovely days of Christmas with my side of the family, it was time to head up the coast for a second Christmas with Ed's side of the family. Unfortunately, it seemed like thousands of other cards had the same idea, as we were stuck in monumental traffic, which turned a 4 hour drive to a 5 1/2 hour drive. We did get to stop for lunch in Camarillo (near CSU Channel Islands, a potential future local for us, pending Ed's job), which was nice. 

Pretty much as soon as we walked through the door and said "hi" to everyone, it was requested that we begin present opening. 

Sabine was very happy with the "Super Scrabble" game that she got from my parents. 

Tom was eage (inexplicably) to show off the gift card Sabine gave Ed for Office Max (for a new office chair/phone)

Keven and Noemi seemed excited about our gift of a countertop toaster oven to them.

I was happy to receive guest towels for our guest bathroom.

And, Ed was thrilled to receive some bourbon (which he had neglected to ask for for Christmas, but had told me, on the drive up, that he had hoped to get some bourbon but had forgotten to ask for). He was happy with his brother Keven's initative.

It was a great evening of presents, and quality time spent with family. 

After presents, Sabine treated us to an amazing dinner of tomato basil bisque to start, followed by standing rib roast, yorkshire pudding, and asparagus. We certainly ate well on this trip. 

It was a wonderful first night in Cambria. 

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