Thursday, December 8, 2011

Seasonal Relaxation

Thursday seem to be fairly relaxing nights for us generally - we're both home relatively early from work, and my Fridays are pretty "light" (with the kids having PE and the rest of my days pretty planned out), so Ed and I often can enjoy cooking a yummy meal and relaxing together.

And, this is made especially lovely by our wonderfully decorated living room.

(oh how I miss my camera! This would be a picture taken by my laptop)

I'll be sad when the holidays are over and I have to transform our living room back to normal, but there are plenty more weeks left until that! And, hopefully, I'll be getting a camera for Christmas (please, Santa?) so I can take better pictures of all my holiday decorations before everything has to be dismantled. 

So very ready to settle down with a glass of wine, and some salmon cooked in white wine with lemon (cooked by Ed) and some onion quinoa, and pretend I don't have any more work to do tonight :)

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