Friday, December 9, 2011


Right now Ed is at his holiday party, and I'm here, alone, on a Friday night. Now, going into this, I felt that I should be a little bummed to not be there (logistically, it would only work if I drove myself out, and timing would have been a bit tight). Last night, we made the decision that I'd stay home.

Can I just say, after busy Fridays the last few weeks, that having this whole evening with nothing urgent planned is just amazing. It helped that I had a blast teaching my kids today - I really am getting more confident in my teaching abilities, which is helping me to have more fun with my kids (by my more relaxed teaching). I also feel like we're starting to come together as a class - I'm getting to know the kids more, and they seem to be getting even more comfortable with one another. I had my last time being filmed teaching science for a while this afternoon, and I felt like it went a lot better than the last time. The kids were thoroughly excited/grossed out by putting a cracker and some vinegar in a plastic bag and smooshing it up to simulate the stomach, and had a great time. I was also so much less nervous, because I trusted myself to teach a good lesson (unlike last time, where I was so worried about what my observor would think).

I felt so energized after such a fun day, I even came home and cleaned the house a bit! Then, I made some Christmas ornaments, using some clear glass ornaments I bought yesterday. Now, I'm sitting down to dinner, with a lovely glass of wine and a good book, while all the candles are burning, the tree is lit, and Christmas music is playing in the backgroud.

I'll be glad when Ed comes home in a few hours, but I sure needed this lovely, relaxing night.

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