Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thankfulness: 27 - 30

Well, I missed the end of this "challenge" - and I was doing so well! Life has certainly picked up the pace ever since I've gotten back from Thanksgiving, and I feel like I'm just now starting to catch my breath.

Since I like finishing what I start (even if it isn't timely), here are thankful thought for those last 4 days.

27th - Today, I was thankful to have a great 6 mile run, to cap my first week of Marathon training. My body felt a bit stiff, but it was fun to run over an hour, and listen to Harry Potter: ).

28th - This day, I was thankful to be back to teaching my wonderful students and have a job I enjoy. I know how fortunate it is that I enjoy going to work every day.

29th - On this day of November, I was thankful to have running as an outlet. I snuck a run in between the end of the school day and a 4:15 meeting at school, and it was so needed. It was a stressful week, and being committed to my runs was really important to keep me healthy and not burned out.

30th - Today, I was thankful to have the ability to attend trainings that hopefully will make me a better teacher (even though I do miss being in the classroom). I was also thankful that my first "big" presentation to my work staff (with a co-worker) went really well. We got super positive feedback, which made me hope that the next time I have to present, I won't feel so darn nervous (my stomach was in knots all day!).

Overall, I am glad I decided to be thankful this month. It's been fun to reflect on all the positives in my life - of which there are so many. I have a wonderful husband, wonderful friends and family, and a wonderful job. I'm thankful to live in a lovely apartment in a nice city, and to have the time to participate in activities I enjoy.

While I won't be posting nearly so often about my thanks, I hope that I do continue, at least every once in a while. Being thankful is such a positive thing.

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