Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Back on 2011

2011 has been a great year, especially June onward :). I'm thankful for so much that's happened in the past year, and excitedly optimistic in 2012. Here's a snapshot of some of 2011's highlights.

In January, I started up running again! Very slowly, and not very far, but still running, with my eye on a July Half Marathon.

(A run on Mt. Tam)

The most exciting news in January was the birth of our niece, Amelia!

 February was a pretty quiet month, but I did go down to visit my sister and family, to spend some time baby Amelia. She was just starting to smile when I met her.

March was a very wet month! We spent a lot of it in our apartment, and decided to make it a bit more pleasing inside by "remodeling" our living room.

Ed and I did run a very wet Rodeo Beach race (my distance just a 6k). Still, my first running race back in over a year!

A bright patch in all the rain was my sister's visit to the bay area, to start thinking about a move up to to our part of California.

April gave me another school break, so that I could spend time with my ever growing niece.

Ed and I also got to enjoy the wonderful weather April finally brought, with one of the most spectacular runs on Mount Tam we've had. 

In May celebrated Mother's Day this year with a lovely visit from Sabine.

June marked the end of my first (and hopefully last :p) year as a middle school teacher. It was a great learning experience, at a great school, with mostly great kids, but I am just an elementary teacher at heart. I was happy to have made it to the end!

Ed and I also got to celebrate the wedding of dear friends, Bill and Jenny, who were married at the end of the month. 

Ed and I joined my side of the family in Big Bear for a lovely family vacation!

Finally, on June 28th, Ed and I celebrated a lovely one year of marriage. 

In July, after 7 months of training (more or less), I completed the half marathon, slow but steady, and excited for the next running adventure.

 Ed and I traveled to the east coast for a very busy but very amazing trip to Princeton, New York, and Boston.

August found me whole-heartedly jumping into the role of 5th grade teacher and setting up my new classroom. 

I got a break from the classroom when I visited my friend Christine, to see her one last time before she moved to Alabama.

I also (of course) snuck in a visit to my family. 

September was full of my great new job, but it also had room for fun. We had some amazing visitors at the beginning of the month.

I turned 26 this month, a very grown up sounding age, and we celebrated by using a gift from my parents to spend the weekend in Sonoma, tasting wine and dining on delicious meals.

October started perfectly, with a half marathon with fast friends (who pushed me into doing a much faster race than I thought possible!)

I also took my first trip as a teacher to science camp, with my 5th graders.

November was a very busy month, workwise, which made our Thanksgiving trip to Cambria all the more sweet.

And, in December, we had a great month - lots of running for me, and lovely visits to Mission Viejo and Cambria for Christmases.

So, this year had lots of traveling, time with my sweet niece, running, and teaching. I hope that this next year is even better!

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