Friday, December 30, 2011

Perfect Beach Day

While we tossed around some bigger trip ideas for our first full day in Cambria, Ed and I voted to take it easy. Hang out, play a game, maybe head to the beach and read.

What a perfect choice. 

The beach was lovely - especially when you have it practically to yourselves. 

I've always claimed that I'm not a beach person, but I think I need to clarify. I'm not a Southern California beach person. Central coast beaches are in a class all their own. 

A lovely, perfect, relaxing class of their own. 

We spent a little over an hour there, reading, resting, enjoying visiting this perfectly beautiful place. 

And, of course, a glass of wine or two only enhanced the experience. 

Yes, I could definitely be a beach person in a place like this. 

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