Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thankfulness: 17 - Kort's October Visit

This is super late, but I decided I need to try to get caught up on recapping all my life. So, with that, today's Thankfulness is about having such a great little sister :). 

I was lucky enough that my sister, Kortney, was able to fly out for the tail end of my fall break. We both needed some sister time, and it was so fun to get to share my new life with her. 

We started by taking her to our favorite pizza and wine bar, where we seem to take everyone. For good reason - Kort was also duly impressed and commented that Phoenix area was much more hip than she'd expected. 

The next day, with Ed off, Kort and I headed to south Gilbert to a restaurant I'd heard about. Joe's Farm Grill is located in "agritopia" an urban farm area. In that vein, the food here is a lot of local, fresh goodness. 

We may have over-ordered. 

Yes, there is still a whole nother plate of a burger and fries that was mine. But, it was pretty darn delicious. 

Even better, this weather was probably the first nice day we had had since moving. It was in the mid 70s, sunny, and perfect. Sitting outside, eating delicious food, it was hard to feel anything but grateful for living here. 

Of course, signs like these make things a little less perfect. We've never seen any scorpions, except the ones for sale in tourist stores, so sometimes I think people just make it up. Then I see something like this, and I know that, yep, they are here. Gotta say, though, that sign certainly worked. There were no kids (or adults) on any trees in the vicinity.

After lunch, we walked around the farm. It's so funny to live in such a suburban area, but to  have all this rural space nearby.  

It may have taken us a full day to recover from the decadence of that meal, so the next day I took her to another favorite (yet healthier) place - Wildflower Cafe. We sat outside again and were even a little cool!

On the way back, we stopped at this cute pumpkin patch. I've not been to one of those since I was little. Sadly, it's not nearly as much fun as when you're a kid. Plus, the pumpkins were pricey!

Still, it was fun to stop by. 

Our final day, we decided to visit the Chandler Indian Art Market. I'd read about it a few weeks earlier, and it seemed very cool. It ended up being a lot smaller than I'd thought, but was still pretty cool. Kort bought me a necklace as a late birthday present, which I love. 

Even better, it was right next to the San Tan Brewing Company, another one of our favorite places. 

And for dessert? Indian fry bread!

We certainly ate well while she was here! It was a great visit :). 

Now, before you think eating was all we did, we had a lot of work to do as well. The big project was transforming the downstairs powder room and the laundry room. And...

We were successful! In fact, it turned out so great that I'm saving that reveal for another post. 

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