Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankfulness: Election Day

Right now, as our next president has been named, I am so thankful for this democratic process in our country that allows for the peaceful exchange of power every 4 years. It's been so exciting to watch the electoral votes go up (especially not too late into the evening!)

Ed and I headed to the polls this morning to drop off our mail in ballots, thankful we didn't have to wait in line, but still got to experience the excitement of election day. 

My students asked me about my sticker and tried to get my vote out of me. They mostly guessed that I'd voted for Obama, which made me wonder if that was more because of what they know about me, or how their parents are voting. Regardless, I kept my lips sealed :). I am excited about doing a lesson about the electoral college and voting process with them, since that is in my 5th graders standards, and what a perfect opportunity. 

Fingers are crossed that the election results are valid and that we'll have our president decided by the morning!

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