Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thankfulness: 24 and 25

After a wonderful family visit (which I'll recap when I get pictures uploaded), I feel so thankful for my amazing family. It was so nice to have everyone together, and get to spend quality time with everyone. I especially enjoyed being with my niece, and seeing her learn about this holiday season (she is very taken with "Santa" and was carrying around a little plush santa ornament and saying his name all weekend). It was wonderful and I can't wait to see everyone (plus Ed's family) in just a few weeks.

For my second bit of thankfulness, I am thankful that the Christmas season has started. I love switching over decorations and, in light of that, thought I'd share some ideas. I've seen a few other posts like this, but it's something I really want to do, since I have been pinning so many crafty ideas all year long, but am worried I might forget to actually bring any of them to fruition. Our house certainly needs some more holiday decor, though, since it's seriously sparse compared to how the decorations filled our apartment.

So, here are some of my many ideas. We'll see how many get accomplished this holiday season!

NOEL  Pottery Barn Inspired

Hang mini white ornaments from tree branches to achieve the look of gently falling snow. More elegant holiday decorations:


Easy pine cone garland

Use a pack of dollar store snowflakes for this

Tomato cage wrapped in lights outside on porch! SMART!

Fun wreath

Free Printable Christmas Wall Art ~ Be Different...Act Normal

Now, I can't promise that I'm going to attempt all of these, or even that many of these, but I'd like to try to do a few. The pine tree garland is a definite, and I think I'd also really like to do the to do the light up tree, as both look pretty easy and not too expensive. I'll recap at the end of the season and see how I did! Are there any ideas you've been pinning for the  holidays?

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