Sunday, January 1, 2012

January (and 2012) Goals

Also typical of New Years, I've been thinking about goals for myself this year. It's a little hard to set very large reaching goals, since the second half of our year is a bit fuzzy. In light of this, I'm setting some pretty general goals, as well as some more specific ones for just January. January is going to be a very busy month, and also a month in which Ed will be around a lot less, so it seems a good time to tackle some specific goals that I have for myself.

My first goal is in regards to running. I am so happy to be consistently running again, but I know that my habit is to go through phases, and I'm not naive enough to think that just because I'm running now, that it won't seem tempting at some point in the future to become lazy again. I'm certain that this won't happen before my March marathon,
oakland, medals
but after, I will need to be committed to keep it up.  My goal is to run 100 miles (or more) a month, for this year.

I also want to be healthier, in general. Drink less alcohol, make better food choices, just do all the things that will make my running more successful and me feel better. Off of this, I have set the goal of abstaining from alcohol for the month of January (with a specific exception).
I'm curious to see how this might affect how I feel day to day, and during my runs. Coupled with this, I want to be drinking a lot more water.  (And, after talking with Ed, I'm adding the goal to not eat any "junk" desserts this month - with one excepted day). I'm really hoping that this all works together to making me feel stronger and happier in running and normal life.

My last goal is to be more organized, mostly at home. My specific goal is to choose one room each week during the month January that I will make sure to clean every night before I go to bed.

(For instance, our living room should look like this, not like it does normally, with my piles of work on the table and by the couch)

No waiting until the morning or the next day. This has always been a challenge for me, but is something I really want to tackle before we move into a *hopefully* larger place this summer, with more rooms to keep tidy. This week's goal is the bedroom, which feels more doable than the living room to start. Ed asked to get in on this, so he'll be working on the living room. Yay!

So, lots of goals for the month and year - I'm hoping 2012 is the best yet.

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