Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Avila Beach

I first heard about this beach from my family, who mentioned it on their drive up for Thanksgiving. Of course, they pronounced it like a favorite Mission Viejo restaurant - Ah- vee- lah. We were quickly informed that this place is called Av- ih-lah. But, besides it's name, my family had all the beauty of this place down perfectly. 

Sabine took Erma and me for this short day trip, while Ed and his brother, Tom, were out on an arduous 16 mile trek up the Big Sur coast. 

Standing at the beach, seeing the kids gleefully playing in the surf, it was hard to believe it was just a few days past Christmas.

While we brought coats with us, we were soon shedding out layers in the lovely weather. 

We peeked into the cute storefronts (that had been recently remodeled), 

before heading out onto the pier, where we were treated with spectacular views. (As a side note, we originally planned to do a few mile walk, but we all - me especially - claimed laziness and called this walk down the pier it. Apparently my 5 miler that morning took more out of me than I thought!)

After walking around, Sabine treated us to a lovely lunch at the nearby harbor, we we got to continue enjoying our ocean views. 

I had very tasty fish tacos (they were trying to sell me the "loaded" tacos, which would apparently be even fuller than these! I had more than enough food, and saved the rice and beans for Ed.

Just as we finished lunch, we got a call from the boys, telling us they had had a great hike, with spectacular views. When we got home, we shared stories and photos from our equally great adventures. 

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  1. How great to see sunshine, palm trees, and blue waters. What a beautiful place! Those fish tacos look amazing as well. :)

    Happy New Year, Addy, and all the best to you and Ed in 2012!