Sunday, January 8, 2012

Reflecting after a Healthier Week: Cleaning Up

It makes sense, after one week with my resolutions, to see how I've been doing with them, and if sticking to them has had the effects I'd hoped.

In short? They definitely have, but they've also been a little harder (and funnily enough, in some ways easier) than I expected.

The easiest, surprisingly enough, as been the keeping organized. After I shared this goal with Ed, he also decided to jump on the bandwagon, and chose the living room as his room to keep organized.

(Apparently not all that true! Cleaning doesn't take as long as you'd think)

We had a funny moment one evening, after we had finished the laundry. It sat, ready to be put away, but it was late and I was tired. "Honey, would you mind if we just left the laundry for tomorrow?" I asked. "Well, okay," he replied. "Just let me carry it to the bedroom." Of couse, I couldn't let that happen, since, if it was in the bedroom, that meant I would have to deal with it. I told Ed as much, and he replied that we couldn't leave it in the living room, since that meant he would have to deal with it."

After spending a few minutes wondering where we could stick it until the next day, that wouldn't mess up our rule (we did entertain brief thoughts about leaving the laundry in the kitchen) before we realized this was our cue to just suck it up and put the things away. This "suck it up" philosophy got me to clean up, not only the bedroom, but the living room and even kitchen this week as well, while Ed was out of town.

I learned that if I start getting ready for bed at 9pm, it's easy to have enough time to deal with dishes, leftover food, and clothes that need to be put away. This week, I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing. My focus room is going to be the kitchen (which is harder for me), but I'm feeling confident and looking forward to having a clean house this week!

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