Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Evening Out

Taking a quick flashback to continue posting about my wonderful Winter Break (that seems oh so long ago....). Also, the whole food/wine commitment? Not happening at the time of these pictures :). 

For dinner our last night in Cambria, Ed and I went out with his remaining (in town) family to a local favorite - Robins. I have fond memories of visiting this restaurant 8 or so years ago on a family vacation, and it was perhaps even better than I had remembered. 

Ed and I started by sharing a garden salad - in this case with food literally from their garden. It was topped with semi-local Point Reyes blue cheese - fabulous, and topped with a perfect dressing. 

Of course, the wine was great as well - a very non oakey chardonnay. 

My dinner was spectacular- one of the best I've had. Port braised short ribs with leek and potatos and kale, topped with root vegetable chips. I think I ate almost the whole thing.

Sabine's was also great - an amazing lamb curry (apparently this place is know for currys, something I didn't know).

As stuffed as we were, we decided on one dessert to share. That is, we decided that until I saw the dessert menu. 

On it - probably one of my all time favorite desserts (that is not an option nearly enough) - hot fudge sundae. I had to apologetically tell my dining companions that the sharing option? Wasn't going to work out. I wasn't adverse to sharing, but I was adverse to sharing with 4 other people. How could you resist that hot fudge and whipped cream?

So, we also got a slice of carrot cake, and all was well. Finally, we pulled ourselves up from the table, overly satiated, but very happy and content with this spectacular meal. 

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  1. What a great looking restaurant! The food looks absolutely delicious. Mmmm, I could use some of those short ribs! :) Sounds like you had an awesome time!