Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Year, New Recipes

While I've announced quite a few "resolutions" for the month, there are certainly been some unofficial ones as well. One of those is trying new recipes. Now, not just any new recipes, but magazine recipes. I have been cutting out enticing recipes for at least a year, and then, nothing. I finally have gotten myself to add them to my recipe binder, and my goal is to actually use this as a source for dinner ideas. 

This recipe was my first: a lower calorie baked mac-and-cheese. 

Verdict? Looked amazing, tasted a little dry. Granted, I used whole wheat pasta, which perhaps made it taste a little too "healthy", but this was with "accidently" adding twice as much parmesean as needed. 

Still, it made for a romantic meal to dress up an otherwise mundane Sunday night :). 

P.S. - the pasta was greatly improved by adding some alfredo sauce the following night. Probably not what the recipe creaters had in common, but quite yummy, and much creamier. 

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  1. It is always fun trying new recipes. Good for you! I always like thumbing through cooking magazines for inspiration, and every so often you will find something that is awesome. Please let us know if you stumble upon something really good! :)