Monday, January 16, 2012

Holiday Lights Revisited

This about wraps up our Christmas visits! 

Our very last activity of the holiday visits was a bit impromptu - on the drive home from dinner, we passed by the Cambria Pines Lodge and noticed their spectacular lights. Sabine suggested that we go home, get some layers, and then head back over to enjoy the festive displays. 

This was one of the best light displays I've ever seen - made all the sweeter by capping off our Christmas celebrations and being free to boot (In stark contrast to the Los Gatos "Festival of Lights" that goes for $20 a car - apparently our pockets aren't quite deep enough for the local festivities!). 

I must have taken about a million pictures, and was just soaking everything in - I can't wait to have our own home to decorate with lights - hopefully by next year :). 

Cambria at night is spectacular, but, as we drove away, back to real life, we couldn't help but reflect that Cambria in the light of the day is pretty spectacular, too. 

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