Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reflecting after a Healthier Week: Eating, Drinking, and Running

This part of my resolutions was harder for me than I thought it would be. Food and drink temptations seemed to abound around every corner, and my runs were some of the toughest I've had in a while. But, I perservered, and have finished feeling tired, but clearer headed, healthier, and stronger.

It made a lot of sense for me to start this healthier lifestyle this week, with my long run climbing up to 12 miles, where those choices you make before and after runs really start to count (and, of course the New Year had something to do with it :) ).

Over the last year (ever since I got married, really), I've been trying to return to the healthy, fit lifestyle I had as I got ready for my wedding. I've just had trouble harnessing the motivation. One thing Ed has trouble understanding about me is why it's so hard for me, when from his perspective I do eat pretty healthily. What gets me is the wine, the sweet treats at work, and that desire I get to "treat" myself. My day to day eating is actually pretty good - its just the extras that sabotage my good choices. 

So, with my resolution to give up alcohol and sweets, I'm cutting out the majority of the wasted calories that keep getting me into trouble. I'm finding it much easier to do this than what I've tried in the past, and am feeling much more relaxed about my other food choices, trusting that I'm still making good decisions. According to my scale (which granted, is a little finicky), I've lost a few pounds, which is pretty awesome, and hopefully that continues. 

The resolution is also a very handy way to let other people know that I'm not drinking or eating desserts is a very socially acceptable kind of way. It made it easy to not have dessert at the knitting night I have with friends, abstain from alcohol or sweets at a friends' weekly dinner, and not drink when my family was visiting (though, funnily enough, my mom had to made sure I wasn't giving up alcohol for a "medical" reason - i.e. having a little one on the way). It makes it pretty clear, though, when I say I'm planning to add some wine back in next month :). This is definitely a health/running related decision.

So, I am excited to head into week 2 of a healthier me. The 13 miler at the end of this week is good motivation to make good choices, as is the 6 miler after work on Wednesday (though, I have to admit, I'm a little nervous about that mileage after the work staff meeting, with it being very dark and pretty long for a worknight workout). 

It will be a great week!

(and here's a preview for the next month of my running - I am nervous!!!)

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