Monday, January 16, 2012

Revisiting Goals: Week Two

Since it's the end of the second week of January, I thought I should reflect on how it went. This week threw a bit of a wrench into our plans when we both came down with the flu.

Needless to say, this affected both food and cleaning. On the plus side, I was not at all eager to indulge in sweets or wine. On the downside, I had no energy to clean the house, which became very, very messy.

The other downside was that this weekend was a built in "cheat" weekend, so that I could celebrate my Dad's 60th Birthday. I was looking forward to champagne and wine and cake. Instead, I gulped down lots of water, though I did have 2 bites of the amazing cake that my mom got my dad (pictures to follow :)), and a few bites of cake from my niece Amelia's 1st birthday party. Oh well, it was better for me to abstain in the long run.

Now that we are back from our whirlwind trip down south and feeling on the mend, we've started getting things in order. The living room is clean, and the kitchen mostly cleaned. I'll finish that and the bedroom tonight and start week 3 with a clean slate. Since I more or less failed for most of last week with sticking to the kitchen clean-up, I'm keeping that as my focus again. Let's hope for better results. We're also back to eating regular food (branching away from a diet of plain noodles, toast and bananas), which is heavenly. Surprisingly enough, I really missed eating vegetables and other colorful food.

I've got to say, though, that I am starting to hit my stride with the eating and non-drinking (sickness not-withstanding). I do feel a lot healthier without alcohol and am not missing the routine of it as much. Hopefully this week will be full of great, filling, healthy meals and a clean home.

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