Friday, November 22, 2013

18 Weeks and Thankfulness 22

Baby keeps growing and growing :)
(Best comment this week? "It's adorable, Mrs. Lyon!! Your baby is growing so much!!" from one of the very sweet boys in my class. Definitely made me smile)

Thankfulness: I am so thankful that, after getting about 4 solid hours of sleep, Ed decided to volunteer to go pick up our turkey and indian food for dinner, so I could stay home, cozy on the couch, with the fireplace and some candles going. I feel so much better than I did when I got home from work. 

How Far Along?  18 weeks!

Size of the Baby? Baby has grown another half an inch (I'm noticing a pattern here :) ). Can't believe there is a little baby that size inside of me right now!
Sleep? Ugh. I seem to have a bad pattern of bad sleep Thursday nights. I slept solidly until 2am, then off and on until 4, and I've been up since then. The rest of the week featured lots of waking up early, but in general maybe a little 

Eating? I'm hoping things are on the way up, since I've felt okay the last few days. Fingers crossed! We've been eating better this week, with much less take out and more healthy dinners (super proud that I actually menu planned and grocery shopped this week). May have eaten a bit too much leftover Halloween candy, but I figure I balanced it out. 

Exercise: Very proud I got my 5 days in!

My push was again the hiking - shorter but definitely more challenging. I'd love to find a way to work out at home, as I think I'll get sick of the gym eventually.

Best Moment? Had a wonderful hike with Ed on Sunday! We tried a new trail that I loved. Just enough up and down to make it feel like a real hike, but still very manageable. It was also beautiful weather (and scenery, in a desert-y sort of way). We had a really great time. Very happy about our new Sunday hiking date routine.

Other best moment? Getting this in the mail :)

A lovely friend (who just had her own little one), has started an amazing company, Mama Lana, which makes these wonderful boxes for different months of pregnancy, and has been sending me their packages as a gift. It is so sweet and special, and I can't wait to explore everything. This super cute onsie is our first baby outfit, and it is so precious and little.

Milestones: I am feeling a little more certain about that baby movement :). Other milestone I think is just cooking a lot more and acting more "normal." An unhappy un-milestone is that our anatomy scan has been pushed back a week. Our look forward to date is now December 10th. Only a little over two weeks from now, though, and I'm sure it'll fly by!

Mommy Update: Still feeling a bit awkward starting to look more pregnant. I really enjoy it for myself, but the attention is a bit weird (as are the continued comments about how it looks like I'm having twins, and am I sure it's just one). I think once I hit 20 weeks, I'll feel like it's *okay* to be showing so much and will be more able to embrace being definitely pregnant in public. I am really loving it, though. The idea of being pregnant over the holidays made me very happy and smiley yesterday. 

Baby Update: Our baby just keep growing by leaps and bounds, which is so incredibly exciting. Lots of movement is going on in there, it's swallowing, sucking, hiccuping, and yawning, as well as spinning around lots. Baby is also now covered with vernix, so it isn't getting wrinkly hanging out in the amniotic fluid. It's also continuing enjoying listening up to all the sounds it's hearing. Hopefully this means it's already developing a fondness for Christmas music :)

Happy Weekend Before Thanksgiving! 

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