Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thankfulness: Day 2

Today's thankfulness is incredibly easy, since I just finished a very relaxing and lovely yoga class. I am so very thankful that I decided to start yoga last spring. It's been so challenging since I started having my nerve pain, and especially since it spread into the bottom of both my feet, to be active. Basically anything that requires standing, walking, etc. causes some extra pain. While running is still worth it in small doses, I still pay for it. Even swimming and biking aggravate my leg, and biking also kicks up my pelvic pain to a pretty intense degree. I was realizing how much I needed a stress reliever and a way to be active, and someone suggested yoga.

Gilbert Yoga

I was impressed from the get go that so many yoga poses were poses from my physical therapy days, which just reinforced that this would be a healing, rather than destructive, activity for me. I have a lovely yoga studio just a few minutes from my house, and have found it such a place of nurturing, very different from the few times I tried yoga at a gym. There's so much focus on each person having their own individual practice and working at their level to best help their body.
When summer came around, I continued doing yoga in Morro Bay, while we were staying with my mother in law, and it centered and grounded me during a somewhat stressful time.

 So, when we came back and I discovered I was pregnant, I knew prenatal yoga was something I definitely wanted to continue. I waited 13 weeks, which was recommended, and fit with when my morning sickness abated enough that yoga sounded feasible, and I have loved it immensely. Today, for instance, we finished by giving each other shoulder massages and then got a foot massage during Shavasana (the ending pose where you are laying down, completely relaxed).

Yoga is so good, for this inflexible girl, physically and mentally, and is the perfect start to the weekend. So, I give thanks for this yoga class, for choosing to start yoga, and for finding a way to help my body heal.

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