Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thankfulness: Day 9

Today has been a good day. A tiring one - but good! I woke up early again this morning - a problem that I had a lot more a month or two ago, but that is still going on. So, I found myself awake a bit after 5am and up at 6.

I'm fairly certain that an old me (who was always tired for no reason) would have been mopey with the early wake ups, but since I've gotten a bit used to it, I've really come to value that quiet time.

So, my thankfulness is for those quiet pre-dawn mornings, spent with a cup of my favorite loose leaf black tea, that makes me inexplicably happy, watching the sky turn from black, to midnight blue, and then be hit with hints of pink as the world awakes.

(Arizona sunrise - not from our home, but it gives the general idea)

Not that I won't be happy when I'm able to sleep in again (for a little while longer), but for now, I can definitely appreciate the loveliness of those mornings.

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