Monday, November 18, 2013

Thankfulness: 18

It's hard not to come on here and be thankful for sleep every time :).

Okay, I think I will be thankful instead for enthusiastic students. We started our ecosystem in a bottle project on Friday (the kids have to put some living and non living things in an empty two liter bottle for 3 weeks and observe it to learn about what living things need to survive). I haven't done the project in a few years, but it's always a hit, and this year is no exception. I had so many kids thanking me for assigning this project, which always warms a teacher's heart. It is fun to hear about what bug they chose, and what their conceptions are about living creatures (one boy is positive that plants do not need water to survive. We'll see how long his ecosystem lasts....).

Being a teacher is so much more fun when the students are excited about their learning.

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