Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thankfulness: 16 and 17

Slacking again, but it has been quite the busy weekend! Not only was I doing some prep for hosting my first Thanksgiving ever (eek), Ed and and I also had a wonderful date night out to dinner and to see The Lion King. Amazingly, Ed had never seen the actual movie, so this was very much his first Lion King experience. So much fun. 

I decided that the Thanks for the past two could both be from today, as I have some nice pictures to match the sentiments. 

First, I'm so thankful to have quality time with Ed outdoors. I'd honestly forgotten how nice hiking with him could be. After having three consecutive weekend hikes, on trails that were manageable, I'm feeling like we're rekindling a bit of our bay area selves. We now have a standing Sunday date to go hiking somewhere together. Ed has been a good sport, but has definitely lamented the lack of outdoor activity together this past year, but I really got scared off of the trails after a few bad experiences after we moved. I'm finally able to give them a second chance, and am so glad I did. We had a wonderful 3 mile hike today and had such a great time being out in nature together. 

I am also so, so thankful that the weather has "changed." Granted, it'll probably heat up again for a bit, but we had a weekend with highs in the low 70s. Eating lunch out back after our hike this afternoon was amazing. It reminded me of the entire weekends I would spend outside last winter and spring and made me very excited for all the great weather to come. 

So, in general, I'm feeling appreciative of Arizona right now. This is when it finally hits its stride out here, and I'm really hoping to take much better advantage of it this winter!

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