Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bill and Jenny's Wedding!

This wedding was one that we have been really looking forward to. Bill is a very special friend to Ed (and me) and his (now) wife Jenny has been such a great person to get to know over the course of their relationship. The ceremony itself was beautiful (though I have no pictures as I didn't want to mess up the official pictures, and I wanted to just focus on enjoying the wedding). During the ceremony, I was on "Phil duty" - holding my friend's adorable ring bearer son while she did a reading. I was thankful that he stayed happy and quiet during the ceremony, and can't deny that I didn't love spending a little quality time with the guy. I really loved seeing all the personal touches that went into the ceremony, and just how happy Bill and Jenny were to be exchanging vows. 

After the ceremony, Hilary, Phil and I headed back to the apartment to freshen up and do a few things. Ed swung by to pick me up a few minutes later, and we were off to the reception, the Cinabar Country Club, a beautiful place in South San Jose that made us long to live in this kind of more open area. 

Ed looked dashing, as always, in his tux as we got settled in for the evening. 

We had wonderfully close seats to the happy couple, as we were sitting at the table with the two toast givers, which meant we had a great view of all the festivities. 

 The cake(s) were just beautiful, and very tasty. The groom's cake was modeled after a game that Bill, the groom, loves (and that he introduced to us as well). That was the cake we ended up having, and it was wonderful.

Ed with best man, Steven, who gave a wonderful speech about the happy couple. 

I finally got to wear my new polkadot dress to the wedding, that Ed bought me as an early first anniversary gift.

After a delicious dinner of salad and filet mignon, it was time for the first dance. Ed and I weren't familiar with the song, but had a great time watching them dance and serenade each other with the song lyrics.

It was a warm day, but that meant that as evening fell, it was a perfect temperature outside.

One of my favorite pictures of us in a while - it was so nice to just spend some quiet time together outside.

The grounds continued to look beautiful as the sun began to fall, bathing these beautiful golden hills in light (and making us very much appreciate living in the bay area).

(Ed can definitely wear a tux well :) )

Once we came back inside, dancing got started and, for the most part, we just enjoyed watching the others out there (though we did dance to at least one song).

Before we knew it, it was time for the cake cutting and more celebrating, and then finally heading home. 

The next morning as the low key and lovely brunch, we got to have one more celebration, and then it was back to normal life. 

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  1. Bill has good taste, we love Dominion. We have like, 4 versions of the game and play it often with Nick and Louis. In fact they're coming over on Thursday night for one last game night before Curtis leaves.

    I'm so happy for Jenny & Bill, looks like a beautiful wedding!