Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wedding Rehearsal

 Ed was a groomsman in his friend Bill's wedding, and so we had the privilege of being their for the wedding rehearsal. All the weddings that we've attended since our own have been so special, because they've allowed for a lot of reflection about our own. I think, especially with our anniversary approaching rapidly, our wedding has been on my mind, and it's been so fun to think about.

Weddings are all so different, and this one was special with a lot of different symbolism and meaning interjected.

Ed got to escort his friend's sister, who he's known for a very long time, which was special.

This church was just beautiful - the bride Jenny's family has gone to this church for a long time - it was the perfect setting.

They had a very special ring bearer in the wedding - baby Phil, who at a year old was a scene stealer. His mom (and our friend) Hilary pulled hi down the aisle in a red wagaon, and he did a great job.

 After the rehearsal, we headed over for the rehearsal dinner, which was at one of the San Jose hot spots, Santana Row. It was very crowded, so we parked on the top level. The benefit? A beautiful view of the evening.

We tried to take a self portrait, but "failed" - still, sort of a fun picture.

After the lovely dinner at "Left Bank," we stopped by a coffee shop and just chatted and relaxed. (side note - I got to wear my new dress that Ed convinced me to buy and am sporting my new haircut!)

It was a lovely day of celebration in perparation for the even more lovely wedding to come

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