Friday, June 24, 2011

Short but Sweet LA Visit

Early last week, Ed and I took a fast and furious trip to LA (drove down Monday and back up Tuesday morning) for a work related meeting of Ed's. He looked very nice as always in his suit (and, now that I look at the picture, wearing the shirt and tie I got him for Christmas). 

We had a quick lunch at CPK in Westwood when we got into town, and then spent a few hours on campus so Ed could prepare and I could read :). I hung out in this food court area and some outside while Ed did his work thing, and by 4:30ish we were done!

Next up, we drove the hour (in traffic - I think it could be 20-30 minutes at a better time of day) to go visit my sister, brother and law, and best niece ever. 

Our little pirate Amelia (the hat is left over from her trip to Disneyland for her mom's work

We went out to their great local sushi place, where Amelia amused us by showing us that she could stand while holding onto something - she's just about 5 months and has grown so much!

This was Ed's first opportunity to meet Amelia, and they got some great bonding. This is the first time he got to hold her.

I, of course, couldn't get enough of her.

Her eyes have probably set at this point, and are a pretty blue like my sister.

While the visit was entirely too quick, I was so happy to see this part of my family. Sometimes it's hard to live so far from everyone else, but we enjoy every possible extra moment we get with family. 

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