Saturday, June 4, 2011

Telling the Kids

This week (as I already mentioned), it was officially announced to the staff that I would be leaving my school. I still hadn't decided, however, when to tell my students. It doesn't really affect them, as they wouldn't have had me for a teacher next year, but I did want to say something before they started seeing all the moving boxes.

The decision ended up getting taken out of my hands a bit though, when the school's librarian approached me to tell me she had heard my news and was happy for me. She then went on to say that, since it seemed to be public knowledge, she hoped it was okay that she told her daughters (my students)? Of course, I said yes, but decided that I had better tell the rest of the kids that day.

It went about how I expected, but I did appreciate the dismay that almost all my students echoed. They asked why I didn't like them anymore and how could I leave (which was, in a way, sort of nice to  hear, since I took it to mean they liked me :) ). I of course reassured them that they were all amazing, but that I missed teaching math and science and social studies. And, honestly, I have had a lot of great students that I will really miss.

I even had one class go so far as to tell me that I should come and sub for them next year whenever their teacher was absent. I explained that with my own class next year, that wouldn't really be possible, but they explained that I would just have to get a sub for my class so that I could come and teach them. I found it funny that some of the students who seem to try the hardest to test my patience seemed to be some of the most vocal :)

So, it's all officially official. I even have started having some kids help pack up my library, and have about 20 boxes all ready to be moved. I'm very happy and excited to be moving on.

(A picture of my first classroom right before I moved out...third move in three years...whew!)

One more week of middle school!

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