Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Fast Husband

*just to warn you, this is a bit of a bragging post - can't help but feel proud of my husband*

On Sunday, while I had a challenging and not too special 9.25 mile run (that was supposed to be 10, but that's another story), Ed was working hard in the Santa Cruz Mountains at the Coastal Trails San Lorenzo 30k.

The result?

Course Records
10 KmMartin Spierings, 33, Santa Cruz, CA ('10)41:32
Jenn Betancourt, 29, Santa Cruz, CA ('10)47:46
Half MarathonErik Palmer, 27, Monterey, CA ('11)1:53:11
Rohanna Mccord, 30, Santa Cruz, CA ('10)2:04:53
30 KmEd Lyon, 30, Campbell, CA ('11)2:31:28
Lauren Swigart, 26, San Jose, CA ('11)2:42:41
MarathonKevin Thayer, 45, Salinas, CA ('11)4:10:38
Leticia Medina, 47, Santa Cruz, CA ('11)5:50:22
50 KmJohn Burton, 38, San Jose, CA ('11)4:48:41
Kelly Cronin, 34, Yosemite National Park, CA ('11)5:15:53

That's right. Not only did Ed get his first overall first place finish, he also set the course record for the this 30k course. I did, indeed marry a fast guy.

Ed's very happy to have finally won a race (and just, in general, have a really good race), and I'm proud of him for reaching this goal.

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