Thursday, June 23, 2011

Steam Cleaning

We had some very special guests coming to stay with us for our friends' wedding, and decided to take this as an opportunity to do some important cleaning. 

Namely - renting a steam cleaner! We did one room at a time, first emptying the room, then vacuuming it, and then using the steam cleaner. 

Here it is before (post vacuum):

Our lovely steam cleaner (rented from Lucky's), filled with hot soapy water (you need to buy a special solution).

And the "After" picture:

Verdict? The water that came out of the machine seemed very dirty, so we're assuming that it did clean it. The spots that we had hoped to have come out didn't, but at least we can feel good the that carpet  is much cleaner than it was. 

We probably won't do this again, but it was a sort of fun (and hopefully helpful) experience. 

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