Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankfulness: Day 10

Today is the eve of a 3 day weekend, for which I am very thankful! Today was actually a pretty good day at work, and it made me thankful that even if I start the day in a less than stellar mood, my students will invariably cheer me up, just by being themselves. I'm so grateful that I have a career I enjoy, and that I genuinely like my students this year.

I am also very thankful that Ed and I can have really great discussions about education. Tonight, as I was grading science assessments, Ed was talking with me about the role of assessing language within the realm of science, and the importance of teaching proper writing within science; that to be a good scientist, you have to be able to communicate via writing effectively. It connects to a lot of what I've learned about teaching, but the way he explained it just put teaching science in a new light.
I love that we're both interested in working with English Language Learners and finding the best ways to give them the best possible education. I am so excited about Ed's great research and can't wait to see how his research changes the way we teach science in the future.

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