Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thankfulness: Day 19

Today, I am thankful that we had a good day of apartment hunting. It's so exciting to think about my sister moving up here. We're even thinking of all taking a Spanish class together, which would be a lot of fun.

I'm also thankful that I tried a new recipe: Pioneer Woman's French Onion Soup.





Seriously, it was worth the 2 hours of cooking. While we couldn't find Gruyere, Gouda and Parmesean seemed to substitute quite nicely. It was filling, decadent, and yet just the perfect thing for a cool fall evening meal. I can definitely say that this won't be the last time I make this recipe.

I am also just thankful that I'm an adult.

Hear me out.

There are so many acts that I always quantify as being "adult."

I.e. - cooking, cleaning, making the bed, keeping the house picked up, doing my school work in the evening, etc.

Now, oftentimes, especially when I'm in a bad mood, or tired, the last thing I want to do is, "be an adult."

However, when I have visitors, especially family, it seems like this "adult" role is easier to fill. I like being someone who loads the dishwasher after breakfast, or who wipes down the counter after a meal. Being with others (who aren't Ed) make me want to be the adult I feel I always should be.

I was wondering today whether a child would instill in me the same desire to be "an adult" that visitors do. I hope so, since being a parent will be the most adult act I'll take, and, while it's not in the immediate future, I am certainly looking forward to it.

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